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Vote For The Note

Have you heard of “cross-breeding”???
No, no..I don’t intend to discuss biology behind it, but that is only term which comes first to my mind when i want to describe the new Samsung Galaxy Note —A new member to the  ’royal’ Galaxy family.!!!! Yeah, it is indeed a ‘royal’ family, which has creates a new dimension in thefield of smartphones.

 The Galaxy Note has truly set the cat among the pigeons.

Coming back to cross-breeding…..the Note seems to be a cross-breed between a Smartphone and a tablet. I think it should be called the ‘hybrid’ phone for that reason, its indeed ‘hybrid’. Well, it does solve both the purpose of the phone and a tablet with
its 5.3”AMOLED display and its high-resolution, vivid , Capacitive touch screen on which your fingers would lust to ride on….!!!Needless to mention that it runs Android, but it was expected that the Samsung would introduce its new smartphone with Icecream-Sandwitch rather than with Gingerbread (2.3.5).

Equipped with a 1.4 GHz dual-core processor, this desirable masterpiece has as much power as that of a tablet. To understand what you can conquer with that size, u need to experience it . Efficiency increases; Web pages are pleasure to view; Gaming is worth experiencing; YouTube can be enjoyed in HD; For those who believe that it is too big to fit on your palm, your need to know that there is a big world waiting to welcome such an advent and its time to get over your dinky little screen.

Introduced in September, released in late October, but recently announced in India starting at Rs 34,990. The price is a bit too high and unjustified with its smaller yet powerful counterpart the SamsungGalaxy S II, but justified in front of the much-talked-about iPhone 4S and its over-hyped-not-so-useful-in–India-app “Siri”
After the release of the Note…It is proven that, “Size does matter”.

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