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AT&T Redefines 'Unlimited' -- Slows You down After 3GB..!!!

AT&T recently announced that they would throttle their 3G/HSPA+ unlimited plan users after they reach the limit and the 4G LTE users but the put on a slower speed of data once they cross the 5GB limit. "You fall under the top 5% of the data usage of our network " says AT&T. After which you would be put on a data with a 2G speed.

The AT&T customers would recieve a text saying," Your data usage has reached 3GB this month. Using more than 3GB in future billing cycle would reduce speeds....."
The data speed would be back to normal once the billing cycle is over.
"Next time you exceed the limit, speeds would be reduced without any other text reminders" says AT&T's data support webpage.

"What we did here is respond to what our unlimited plan customers told us, namely, to have more clarity in how all this works," AT&T rep Mark Siegel said in an e-mail.  "Because spectrum is limited and data usage continues to soar, we manage our network this way to be as fair as possible," the statement said. 

Often AT&T slows the speeds for customers who reached the top 5% of data users for that billing cycle and geographic location. 

The customers have become furious about this and said that they was no way to know what the limit was--until they recived the text message from AT&T
If you to avoid being slowed down, there are two ways;

one, you switch to a tiered plan which is:AT&T's 3GB at $30/month--the same as AT&T's old unlimited plan--but users pay $10 per GB in overage charges, or two, knock the doors of the justice and drag AT&T to court!

It looks like AT&T can't recall the defination of "Unlimited"..!!

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