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Android Powered Galaxy Camera

After a lost battle with the Californian tech giant- Apple, Samsung has launched its first Android-based camera at IFA 2012. The camera runs on the lastest version of the open-source-operation-system, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). The camera is backed by a 1.2GHz Quad-core processor. The Galaxy Camera has a 16MP BSI CMOS 1/2.3" sensor, and a wide angle (23mm) lens with 21X optical zoom. It sports a 4.77-inch 308ppi HD Super Clear LCD.

On the face, it looks like a high definition digital camera and on the back, like a powerful Android smartphone. The Galaxy Camera comes in two variants - 3G+Wi-Fi or 4G+Wi-Fi. The camera also comes with Samsung’s AllShare app and automatically saves images clicked from the device to the cloud.


Apple's Lawsuit In Simple Words!

( teleread.com)
Samsung had to pay $1.04 billion as damages the California's tech giant as damages as it has violated a few patents. 

If you have read the business dailies regularly, you would have understood the trial well! But, since the past two days, we have been received calls from friends asking us to explain them the Apple Vs Samsung lawsuit in simple language. So, today we have brought you the details of the case, its components and the affect of the justice on Samsung in simple, easy and as little words as possible.

Apple sued Samsung on:
1.Design patents and
2.Utility Patents.


Upgrade to Windows 8 At Rs.699

Windows 8 Logo WallpaperThe wait for the most awaited operating system in on. But while your waiting, you can buy a PC and usethe current Windows 7 and enjoy the benefits of the update as soon as it is made available

Mircosoft promises to give away Windows 8 to their new customers at $15 (INR 699). To avail this offer you would have to buy a Windows 7 PC between 2nd June 2012 and 31 January 2013. The last day to register and order your Windows 8 upgrade is 28 February 2013. 

You would have to provide your contact details, retailer information along with the current Windows 7 product key.


Facebook iOS App gets an update

 Facebook for the most intelligent operating system, iOS has faced critisism from its users for being slow, clumsy and unresponsive. One of the reasons for the app behaving in such a manner was its reliance on HTML5. While HTML5 is used for developing mobile friendly applications and web pages, it is not relaible for some applications. 

Thus in June, engineers started to work on the 5th version of the Facebook iOS app using Objective-C. A good news for the iPad users, timeline finally comes your way!

Describing how important and tedious it was for his team; "We just released a new Facebook app for iPhone and iPad and it's a lot faster. Our team completely rewrote it from the ground up to focus on speed. It's a big step forward" said Mark Zukerberg through a status update on Facebook. Also, 'iOS' was a world-wide trend on twitter for sometime late Thursday evening. 


Microsoft Revamps 25-year-old Logo

Microsoft decides to give itself a new look and redoes its 25-year-old logo. Microsoft has used the logo for the past two-and-a-half decade in its 35-years of reign. It drops away its old, staunch and bold-faced logo for a new, subtle and clean bordered representation. but retains its originality from the 1975-1979 logo by connecting the F and the T.  

Microsoft's new, much more colorful logo on the opening of its 23rd store in Boston. Today, it will appear at the Seattle and Bellevue Microsoft stores, as well as on the microsoft.com home page. The new logo would also be seen on the Windows 8, Microsoft Office, the next Xbox and Windows Phone 8

The Next iPhone Announced

 As the heat waves of summer drop in the meadows of Cupertino, it calls for the launch of a new iPhone. Since 2007, summer has been the favorite time for Apple to launch its revolutionary iPhones. rumours, searches, updates and tweets speculate rumors and spread like forest fire. As rumored, the next iPhone was expected to come and is arriving this September along with its not-so-big-buddy, the 7-inch iPad Mini. 

Searches for the term "iPhone 5" are more popular now and have grown to 128% since the rumors have made their way.. In early October, 2011, Apple introduced the iPhone 4S, a more modest product revision than the pre-release hype had led people to believe. 

The fuss began when iMore confirmed an Apple event of September 12th and subsequesnlty announced its launch on 21st September. All of it is still rumor but history does advice fans to plan any September camping trips for the Apple Store.


Nokia With Windows 8 On September 5th.

News coming from the Eastern coast of the USA says, "Hey, iPhone 5, u gonna have a problem" as  Nokia and Microsoft have called for a joint press conference in New York on 5th September at 9.30am. No details have been revealed to the media. But it is pretty obvious that Nokia would be coming up with a Windows 8 phone. They claim the product announcements would give goosebumps to their competitors.

There are high expectations from these smartphones for both Nokia as well as Microsoft. We should expect quad-core chips, high definition cameras alongside the Windows 8 operating system. It will be a critical launch for Microsoft as well as Nokia. Nokia will be able to display its new hardware and Microsoft would be showcasing how Windows 8 works flawlessly with the latest flagship smartphones.