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Download Angry Birds Space..!!

After the success of the Angry Birds Rio and Seasons. Rovio Entertainment has announced a new addition to the edition of Angry Birds--The Angry Birds Space. It is available on Android and iOS platforms. On Android it is free of cost but Apple would deduct some amount from your bank for it.

Angry Birds Space includes;

  • 60 interstellar levels!
  • Regular free updates!
  • Brand new birds!


iPad 3 To Cost More..!!

The new iPad has been a boon for the its owners but according to the
research firms analysis Apple seems to be making a loss on its
profits as compared to the iPad2.

The new iPad or the iPad 3 has created a stir in the tech markets with
its Retina Display, Quad Core chip and the competitive price of $499.
The latest version of the iPad(iPad 3) was priced the same as the iPad
and iPad 2 at launch i.e $499. Apple has priced all the three
generations of the revolutionary tablet competitively so as to give
its rival a tough time to match with the might of their features.

iSuppli investigated the matter to find that the components of the new
iPad are compartively expensive than the iPad 2. And Apple is losing
out on its profits as it has decided to keep the price unchanged.

Nuclear Clock Takes Over The Atomic Clock..!!

If you believe that the Rolex on your wrist which you flaunt in front of your friends and in parties is accurate enough, read below.

A clock rather lets call it a machine because it does what a regular
tik-tok watch or even an atomic clock can't do.  

This clock is accurate to 0.1 second in 14billion years.!! Which is equal to the age
of the universe.!! The N-Clock is 100 more accurate the Atomic clock
which has an accuracy of 4 seconds in a lifetime of the universe and
infinitely many times accurate than the Quartz mechanism that we use.


"Resolutionary" iPad Heats Up..!!

The latest release of Apple-the New iPad seems to be too hot to handle. The New iPad which of announced on 7th March and was out in stores on the 16th March is heating up!!
The iPad owners have posted complaints and the Apple's own support community complaints that the lower left corner of the tab warms up.

 Users complain that this makes it "uncomfortable" for use while others state that their tablet warms up a little and this is "pretty normal". As I have not yet owned the New iPad, so I go as our fellow-users say.

 Though my iPhone and iPod heat up considerably after a long use, i think its quite expected. Are you facing any issues on the New iPad? Comment below.


Apple Inc To Pay Dividend at $14.65 Per Share..!!

Apple Inc the tech giant which is known for its revolutionary and "Resolutionary"  iPhone's and iPads will pay a dividend to its share holders, says news. The Silicon Valley king is valued at $546 million has $98 million cash and securities stacked up. 

Apple last paid a dividend in 1995, data shows. Just after its stock touched the $600-per share mark, Apple issued a short press note stating that  it would hold a conference call on Monday to discuss the matter and what is it doing about its cash balances.


Samsung Galaxy SIII Release Date -- The Next Heir Of The Galaxy S Series Is Expected..!!

Rumors are making news; the next heir of the Galaxy S is expected.

And now, the widget on the unofficial facia of the Galaxy SIII has a calendar entry for 22nd May and a weather widget of London. Maybe this could be the launch date and venue for the announcement for the Galaxy SIII!!! 

The image also features a logo of Weber Shandwick, a PR company known for handling Samsung’s accounts.

It is also rumored that the new SIII would have a Quad-core chip and would run on Android 4.03. It would switch between applications with its 1.5GHz processor. Lets see what Samsung  has to offer against the iPhone 4S.!!


Laptop? Tablet? -- Its ASUS Transformer Prime..!!

I should be apologizing to the Samsung Galaxy Note advertisers as i have borrowed and modified their tagline, "Phone? Tablet? Its Galaxy Note" for my post title . But I feel, it even fits here to the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The ASUS Transformer Prime was released lately but got gain the significance into tech headlines due to the blizzard caused by the birth The New iPad. The release date of the ASUS tablet was very close to the launch of the iPad. The new 'Transformer' really does enlarge and matures into a laptop when connected to a keyboard dock!! It boasts of a Quad-Core processor , 8.33mm thickness (I should rather say thinness) and a 8.0Megapixel back camera, it shuns the pride of the iPad in these factors. This masterpiece is one of the best Android-running tablets and functions on the Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich). 


AT&T Redefines 'Unlimited' -- Slows You down After 3GB..!!!

AT&T recently announced that they would throttle their 3G/HSPA+ unlimited plan users after they reach the limit and the 4G LTE users but the put on a slower speed of data once they cross the 5GB limit. "You fall under the top 5% of the data usage of our network " says AT&T. After which you would be put on a data with a 2G speed.

The AT&T customers would recieve a text saying," Your data usage has reached 3GB this month. Using more than 3GB in future billing cycle would reduce speeds....."
The data speed would be back to normal once the billing cycle is over.
"Next time you exceed the limit, speeds would be reduced without any other text reminders" says AT&T's data support webpage.


The 'Nameless' New iPad..!!

*The New iPad*

The third generation of the iPad was launched yesterday at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts’ which is the basilica for Apple and its products. The new iPad was introduced by the Steve Jobs successor and Apple CEO, Tim Cook.
iOS 5.1 for the iPad, iPhone and the iPod was announced along the new iPad and an upgrade to the Apple TV was made. Siri for the Japanese and Austrailian voices, was also an announcement.

Apple has kept its new heir nameless, and prefers to call it “The New iPad” to distinguish it from iPad 2
 ( Apple had surprised it fans when it called its 5th iPhone,’ iPhone 4S’ and not ‘iPhone 5’). Apple claims that this new devices would do wonders on its A5X processor and the iOS 5.1. It has also made this version of the iPad 4G LTE compatible. You can also capture your memories with the 5-Megapixel iSight lens.


The 41-Megapixel Glamour--Nokia 808!!

It did it back in Oct 2010 and is doing it again; Nokia has once again taken our eyes towards the, eyes of our smartphones. And this time Nokia has made the back of its phone look much sexier than before!!  In the MWC 2012(Mobile World Congress) Nokia was successful in turning the heads of the people towards their Nokia 808, which lured the public with its voluptuous and sensual back, on which it flaunted its 41-Megapixel sensor.  

In the times where people boast of their 8-Megapixel camera behind their iPhone, Nokia has slaughtered and butchered their ego and markets by discharging this masterpiece from their production units. This time it has not only given competition to their regular rivals; Apple, Samsung and LG but also Canon, Sony and Nikon which dominate the DSLR markets.
After the launch of Nokia N8, which boasted the 12-Megapixel lens back in 2010 there was a call for high-end camera phones. Though the N8 could not impressive the public with its camera, Nokia 808 should!


Street View Cam Catches Frenchman Urinating.!!!

"Hahahahahaha....this pic is definately gng on fb!!!!!!" said john when he caught shane with his bathroom door open!! :0. Such situations are common with youngsters nowdays and arise within friends in which the former pleads to the latter to delete the capture from his device memory!
Something similar happened in France, with a man, but here..Google was with a camera!!!

Lately, a Frenchman sued Google for filming him with their lenses while he was attending to a nature's-call in his front yard due to which he has been disgraced and has become a talk-of-the-town!!

Google drives around in its street view cars mounted with lenses on its rooftops which grab a panoramic images of the streets it drives on. It has been doing it in 30 countries since 2008. It has not been launched in India yet.

The local recognized him, despite the face being blurred and since then he has became infamous for his doing. He had assumed that he had concealled himself well behind the gate before taking the leak but unluckily, was photographed by the Google lens which captured him from above his gate as it passed by.


Did We Hear iPad 3..??

“We have something you really need to see. And touch” says Apple’s Invitation for an event on March 7 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Though Apple has not mention that this event is for divulging the details of the iPad 3 but we have a sneaking suspicion and inclined to think that it would be for announcing the next heir of the iPad.!!
Everyone is strenuously waiting for an upgrade to the iPad and it was expected from Apple to launch a 3rd version of the iPhone’s elder brother.

What should we expect??

Retina Display™: After the Retina Display™ in the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch, it was expected to be there in the iPad 2, but it was not. So we can expect it in this version of the iPad.

4G Compatibility: The Android has rolled out 4G compatible tablets with Samsung and Dell. Lately, Asus has also announced a tablet with 4G Compatibility. Even though in India we are still aroused by the speed of 3G on our phone, the people West are now finding the Vodafone-3G-ZooZoo slack and want something faster!! So we are expecting Apple to make its new iPad, 4G compatible

PAK’s PAC Parks The PacPad!!

There was once a time in times when there were only a few companies who manufactured cars and a fewer people owned it. And there was a time when there were a handful of companies making phones(first phone in 1983) and computers(first computer in 1971) and a few financially-fit people were lucky enough to own a Long-antenna-device or to flaunt a blue-screen CRT in their homes.

It took a couple decades for the automobile and the cellular companies to multiply and today 5.6 Billion people attached to the cellular network through a hundred of network providers, and common public has an access to a computer. Today Cell phones are manufactured by Silicon-Valley-giants; Apple, Nokia and Samsung and even companies like Karbonn and Ajanta  ( names of which we must not even have heard of if there was no ‘Karbonn Kamal Catch’ in the IPL). Whereas, this is not the case of tablets. Tablets were first introduced by Apple pioneer - Steve Jobs in 2010 and unlike the auto, phone and the computer market which took decade to advance and popularize, the tablet manufacturing is going a hell-for-leather!!

Shocking News From Pakistan!

Today in 2012, not even 2 complete years after the official concept of the tablet….What we hear is an astonishing news that EVEN Pakistan is manufacturing a tablet!! And much more bewildering was that it was not being made by any Pak-based-IT company nor by the students of a university but by the militia from thePakistan Aeronautical Complex(PAC) which is a branch of the PAF.

Who is PAC..?
The PAC manufactures fighter Aircrafts, UAV’s and weapons for the Airforce of Pakistan along with refining sugar, harvesting farms, manufacturing e-books, laptops and lately the PACPAD which they ‘claim’ is a perfect blend ofChinese hardware and Pakistani software. A country which is infamous for various activities on which I don’t need to elaborate on…is making anever-gonna-be-successful attempt to give nightmares to Apple’s Tim Cook rather than strengthening it military, boosting its self-esteem and trying to regain it lost respect. The PAC believes in commercialising its products and its ideology demands ‘development in all sectors’A very popular english saying would justify it—A jack of all is, a master of none.This is what the Pakistan government must be thinking, “We can never get back at America and India on anything(not even in cricket)……….All we can do is destroy their iPad and Aakash and it would be an answer for what they did to OUR Osama and Kasab ” :D

Prioritize You Work..
But, dear PAC officals, the world would still prefer tablet which would run on the California made hardware. And no matter how beautiful your external affairs minister may be ,the Indians will never accept a Pakistani product …and that to a tablet!!!Actually, we should’nt be shocked…. if the government can shelter terrorist, why can’t its military produce tablets?

Vote For The Note

Have you heard of “cross-breeding”???
No, no..I don’t intend to discuss biology behind it, but that is only term which comes first to my mind when i want to describe the new Samsung Galaxy Note —A new member to the  ’royal’ Galaxy family.!!!! Yeah, it is indeed a ‘royal’ family, which has creates a new dimension in thefield of smartphones.

 The Galaxy Note has truly set the cat among the pigeons.

Coming back to cross-breeding…..the Note seems to be a cross-breed between a Smartphone and a tablet. I think it should be called the ‘hybrid’ phone for that reason, its indeed ‘hybrid’. Well, it does solve both the purpose of the phone and a tablet with
its 5.3”AMOLED display and its high-resolution, vivid , Capacitive touch screen on which your fingers would lust to ride on….!!!Needless to mention that it runs Android, but it was expected that the Samsung would introduce its new smartphone with Icecream-Sandwitch rather than with Gingerbread (2.3.5).