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iPad 3 To Cost More..!!

The new iPad has been a boon for the its owners but according to the
research firms analysis Apple seems to be making a loss on its
profits as compared to the iPad2.

The new iPad or the iPad 3 has created a stir in the tech markets with
its Retina Display, Quad Core chip and the competitive price of $499.
The latest version of the iPad(iPad 3) was priced the same as the iPad
and iPad 2 at launch i.e $499. Apple has priced all the three
generations of the revolutionary tablet competitively so as to give
its rival a tough time to match with the might of their features.

iSuppli investigated the matter to find that the components of the new
iPad are compartively expensive than the iPad 2. And Apple is losing
out on its profits as it has decided to keep the price unchanged.

The officals at iSuppli said that the new iPad with 32GB RAM and a
cellular modem costs $729 in stores, costs  $364 to Apple. Whereas,
the iPad and iPad 2 costed Apple $276 and $335 respectivelyThe
addition of a higher resolution display and a larger battery are the
main reasons for the new iPad to be more expensive to make than the
iPad 2.

iSuppli says that the High resolution display costs $87 to Apple. And
$40 for the touch sensitive layer.
The above cost does not include packaging and marketing. Even though
the new products are more expensive to make, Apple did not introduce

the new iPad with a regulated price.

We hope that Apple does not increase the prices of the new iPad and of
the other devices which wil release in the future.