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Did We Hear iPad 3..??

“We have something you really need to see. And touch” says Apple’s Invitation for an event on March 7 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Though Apple has not mention that this event is for divulging the details of the iPad 3 but we have a sneaking suspicion and inclined to think that it would be for announcing the next heir of the iPad.!!
Everyone is strenuously waiting for an upgrade to the iPad and it was expected from Apple to launch a 3rd version of the iPhone’s elder brother.

What should we expect??

Retina Display™: After the Retina Display™ in the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch, it was expected to be there in the iPad 2, but it was not. So we can expect it in this version of the iPad.

4G Compatibility: The Android has rolled out 4G compatible tablets with Samsung and Dell. Lately, Asus has also announced a tablet with 4G Compatibility. Even though in India we are still aroused by the speed of 3G on our phone, the people West are now finding the Vodafone-3G-ZooZoo slack and want something faster!! So we are expecting Apple to make its new iPad, 4G compatible

Faster Processor: It would be an icing on the cake for the Apple fans if the new iPad boots up using the A6 processor. Many Android tablets are functioning on Quad-core-chips. Rumors have been leaked online about the A5X processors, hinting to us about the supersonic-dual-core-chip.

Siri: We can expect Apple to surprise us with the town’s-most-talked-about-lady—Siri!! Apple fans would get intoxicated and ecstatic with Siri on their iPad 3.Siri, which is now running on its Beta version is expected to get an update too!!

So, with the magnificent display, faster processor and upgraded Siri iPad 3 could devour the markets and leave the others to be mere spectators of their own washout.

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