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Not Just A Visit, An Experience: Reliance Digital

When we see things, we just look at them and audit them in a jiffy; but when we observe things, our approach towards the thing changes. Thus there is a fine line which separates seeing from observing. Such a fine line also divides a visit from an experience. A visit just gives you an overview whereas an experience gives you joy, ecstasy,  exposure and a know-how about a particular object or event. Hence in this post which I would describe my visit to Reliance Digital which later turned into an experience. Reliance Digital has 128 outlets throughout the country and their Malad store records a weekly footfall of 8000.

I walked into the the Reliance Digital store at the Infinity Mall in Malad at 11.30am and was greeted by the store manager Mr.Vishal. He took me around the store for about 2 hours explaining the products and discounts they offer on various products. They had almost all varieties of smartphones, kitchen appliances, laptops, digital cameras and DSLRs. This particular store has a unique section called as "Time Out" which has dozens of shelves stacked up with latest movies, songs, books and novels. Interestingly, this is the first electronic mega-store which deals in music, books, kids and office stationary along with digital products.


Top 7 in iOS 7

An end to the era of skeuomorph for the iOS as its 7th update comes with a flatter, pastel and a plain look. Apple, for the first time has experimented to change its look as using iOS had becoming 'boring' for many users. The iOS 7 has got a complete makeover. The trademark 'slide to unlock' lock screen would have no shiny bars at the bottom with the clock at the top Instead, it is translucent above the background image. The network bars have been sent off and white-dots have been used to tell you the network coverage. The apps all seem to have a white base, except for the stocks app which has a black background and the weather app, which shows motion in the background to convey the current weather. Jony Ive wants you to think and live in the 'now' as the notification center is more about today and there is a separate tab for the events of tomorrow. A slimmer look, changed lock screen, new notification bar, tons of news features have given the new iOS a complete plastic surgery.


Anonymous Leaves A Tribute To Aaron Swartz On MIT Website

Online hacktivist group, Anonymous bought down the official MIT website to pay a tribute to Aaron Swartz, a late internet activist and a great contributor to the cyberspace. ”We tender apologies to the administrators at MIT for this temporary use of their websites,”tells a postscript to a memorial note posted by them, on a sub-domain of the official MIT website. “We do not consign blame or responsibility upon MIT for what has happened, but call for all those feel heavy-hearted in their proximity to this awful loss to acknowledge instead the responsibility they have — that we all have — to build and safeguard a future that would make Aaron proud”.

Aaron Swartz:
Aaron Swartz was the creater of the RSS feed and co-founder Reddit, Demand Progress, Avaaz and a brave-heart in the SOPA/PIPA campaign. He committed sucide on January 11, 2013 in New York at the age of 26. Schwartz was in the news in 2011 for taking 4 million documents from JSTOR, an online aggregator of scientific journals. He was charged with computer fraud by the U.S. Attorney Massachusetts.


Three Things To Know About Ubuntu Phone

The war of operating systems began back in 2008 with the development of iOS and Google-powered-Android. The two have been loggerheads in the battle to prove that one is mightier than the other. Apps, User interface, developing tools, reliability are the deciding elements and each one of them is subsequently updating itself and ascertain their superiority. Linux based desktop operating system-Ubuntu has entered the battle with its mobile operating system.

Ubuntu for phone was one of the most amazing and profound devices boasted in the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 (CES).The OS was displayed on a Galaxy Nexus and it is expected to launch in Feb 2013. Adding a mobile operating system to a revolutionary, free and open source Ubuntu was a smart step taken forward by Canonical. This operating system shows genetic similarities with the Ubuntu on your desk.

1. Friendly System Requirements:
The minimum requirements for having your device to run the Ubuntu OS is 1GHz Cortex A9 processor and 512MB RAM and 4-8GB of eMMC+SD flash storage. For a 'high-end' Ubuntu phone; a Quad-Core A9 or an Intel Atom would be required along with a 32GB of eMMC+SD flash storage. Only the quad-core powered devices would be capable of converging into a PC. Majority of the smartphones produced now do fall under this bracket, this would be beneficial for the growth of Ubuntu. 


Top 5 Gadgets For 2013

http://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=1ab6dc02d1&view=att&th=13c23e71672978d8&attid=0.2&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P_UBIXUoOaiTUAoUK8yqTQT&sadet=1357837448035&sads=xgY2RzkoaZ8rLzaP9CBgjomhQnw&sadssc=1With the generation shifting towards new technology and gadgets, there is a new turn in the invention of gadgets and devices which is a new step in technology. In the past year there were lots of innovations in technical market like smartphones, LCD’s, cameras and more. These devices were applauded by all the audiences and earned overwhelming responses in the market. This year 2013 is much awaited for new gadgets which are about due to launch in the coming time. Here are top five latest gadgets for the year 2013:

Alienware M17X: 

This device provides a new and fresh look to technology as Dell has
introduced the future of knowledge with Alienware M17X. This is a special laptop which
is especially for freak gamers who are aiming for powerful graphics and demonstration of
gaming. It has got 17.3 inch display with AMD Readon HD screen. This laptop is built with
the Intel core intelligent i7 Processor of 2GHz. It is enabled with 8GB RAM and 1500GB
hard drive. It is also inbuilt with Windows 7 Home premium Edition.


Only 10% Use Jelly Bean

Based on the previous chart Android user analysis, only 1.8% of the 
total Android smartphones were using the latest operating system. A few months thereafter, according to the visitors on the Google Play Store during the study of 14 days statistical data has been developed. According to the new data, there has been a exponential rise of 8.2% in smartphones using Jelly Bean. Gingerbread (2.3.3-2.3.7) is still the most popular and used operating system of Android.

The predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich is powering 29.1% of the Android smartphones. The initial builds; Donut, Eclair and Froyo are being used by 0.2%, 2.4% and 9.0% of the smartphones. Honeycomb was developed to run only on tablets and is currently employed by 2.5% of the devices running Android.