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Not Just A Visit, An Experience: Reliance Digital

When we see things, we just look at them and audit them in a jiffy; but when we observe things, our approach towards the thing changes. Thus there is a fine line which separates seeing from observing. Such a fine line also divides a visit from an experience. A visit just gives you an overview whereas an experience gives you joy, ecstasy,  exposure and a know-how about a particular object or event. Hence in this post which I would describe my visit to Reliance Digital which later turned into an experience. Reliance Digital has 128 outlets throughout the country and their Malad store records a weekly footfall of 8000.

I walked into the the Reliance Digital store at the Infinity Mall in Malad at 11.30am and was greeted by the store manager Mr.Vishal. He took me around the store for about 2 hours explaining the products and discounts they offer on various products. They had almost all varieties of smartphones, kitchen appliances, laptops, digital cameras and DSLRs. This particular store has a unique section called as "Time Out" which has dozens of shelves stacked up with latest movies, songs, books and novels. Interestingly, this is the first electronic mega-store which deals in music, books, kids and office stationary along with digital products.
The staff at the counters are well versed with what they are selling, they help you buy; they assist you with your decisions. I tested their knowledge by bombarding them with questions on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the LG Nexus 4. He was recommending me the Note 2 over the Nexus as they were of the same price, he did not know that I am already using the LG Nexus 4. Along with great customer support the store also offers a great consumer experience. The store has separate end-counters for different smartphone brands such as Nokia, BlackBerry, Apple, Samsung and other brands such as Braun. You can play along with the phones, tablets, laptops, kitchen appliances and test them before settling in for one. (Note: You cannot wash you clothes in the washing machine under the pretext of testing it, seriously you can't). They also having charts with help you choose a laptop for yourself. 

The Learning Wall.

The most intriguing way helping of helping someone buy a television set is to bring them to a place, which they call it, 'The Learning Wall'. It is a wall which has television sets of all sizes mounted on it, the floor marked with distances in ft and a sofa at the end. With the help of this you can actually experience how the screen will look at a certain distance from the seating arrangement. This is the most helpful and consumer-orientated service that can be provided to a person struggling to buy a television for himself. 

Summing it up; the stop at the store was amazing, enjoyable, knowledgeable and turned my visit to an experience. Although the goods are priced as the companies has asked them to, the consumer experience they provide is simply invincible. They are trying to change the rules of the game of electronics by not changing the prices but giving the buyer a helping hand in buying; and I feel they have succeeded.

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