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Code: " The Next Galaxy."

(Courtesy: http://www.tgeltaayehxnx.com/)
Articles, reports, posts, tweets, statuses and releases are packed with the news for the latest Galaxy SIII. It was first rumored to be launched on 22nd May as a picture was leaked which displayed the weather widget of London.Later, an official website, http://www.tgeltaayehxnx.com/  showed a countdown to the a new launch.Recently Samsung has come out with a new concept to increase the popularity of its new launches by setting up custom webpages. 

And if you visit http://www.tgeltaayehxnx.com/ now, they welcome you with a soothing music, it will ask you to click and re-arrange the words in order to redirect to a new page. You will have to earn it by knowing the code. The code is The Next Galaxy. And if you can't they will still redirect you! Wow! what a trick to reach people and tell them the new product. Hey, Tim Cook, we hope your hearing.


Samsung Galaxy SIII Set For Pre-Order.

(Courtesy : letsgodigital.org )
The next heir and successor of the Galaxy series which has been the most awaited smartphone is now available.  You can pre-order it with online retail giant and kindle maker-Amazon. The Android smartphone will be available on the online megastore before its official release date. The SIII will be retailed for 599 Euros (£491).

The SIII was to be announced at the MWC this year but Samsung decided that it will host a special event for launching the SIII. The company had sent out invites to the press for its event in London on May 3,the invite had come with the tagline - "come and meet the next Galaxy"As the launch of the Galaxy SIII is near, the phone specifications have been leaked thanks to Amazon Germany. According to them, the new Galaxy SIII will boast a 4.7-inch screen, a 12-Megapixel camera, NFC, Google's Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich ), high resolution-AMOLED display, etc.


Global Launch of BlackBerry 9220 In India.

(Katrina Kaif With BlackBerry 9220)
Long back in 2009 when the BlackBerry Curve 8520 was introduced, competing with the mid-range phones. It slowly established a strong hold over the market with its Messenger (BBM) and Mail services. Since then its pricing has been made more competitive and the 8520 has been popular with people and has set a different trend and is the best selling phone in the Indian market. And today BlackBerry is no longer only for the 'office guys'.

The Canadian phone maker Research In Motion (RIM) on Wednesday launched a new smart phone, BlackBerry Curve 9220. This is the first time a global launch of a BlackBerry smart phone has taken place in India. The RIM officials believes that India is a key-growth area for them as they are now targeting youth population. The BlackBerry Curve 9220 comes with the latest BlackBerry OS 7.1, it has FM Radio, and a dedicated key for the BlackBerry Messenger (Which was very much needed). It is sleeker and 1.2m thinner than the BlackBerry 8520. The display and the track-pad remain the same. 


iPad 3 Comes To India..!!

(Courtesy: Apple Inc, California)
The "resolutionary" iPad is back in news. Apple has announced that it would be shipping the new iPad to 12 countries namely, Colombia, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, India, South Africa and Thailand. And would be available in the stores on April 27th.Twelve countries - Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, South Korea, St Maarten, Uruguay and Venezuela - will receive the new iPad a week earlier, on April 20.

The price of the new iPad is rumored to be Rs.30,500 for the basic version and it would range till Rs. 50,900. As it always does; Apple announced a price-cut for the iPad 2, when the iPad 3 was given birth on 7th March. The iPad 2 is now available at Rs. 24,900

It quite usual, Apple is always bias towards the American and Europeans when it comes to product sales. Though the iPad was available the very next day of its launch with the black marketers in Mumbai, the Indians who do not believe in shelling out extra bucks or encouraging black markets, are complaining about the late arrival of the new iPad.


'4G' in India -- A Myth, Busted!

(courtesy: thehindu.com)

Yesterday, it was all over the Internet and today it was coverd in the business and tech sections of leading news dailies   "Airtel presents 4G" read the advertisement on the second page of the TOI which left me spellbound. It was a full page advert and Airtel boasted to be the first service provider to serve 4G network in India. India is still new to 3G as its launch was delayed (as usual) due to ongoing political and scams. Since its new, it  isn't popular with the public and as it is offered at a very high price. The public prefers to stick to the 2G plan, even though it is slow or use the WiFi.

Telecom minister Kapil Sibal inaugrated the first 4G LTE ( Long term evolution) service for India, less did he know that this is actually a 3GPP ( 3rd Generation Partnership Project ) LTE service but is marketed as 4G. Yes, the service Airtel is promising to offer you isnt 4G but 3GPP LTE. Its just a marketing trick to affectionately call 3GPP LTE as 4G LTE.

 What is the 'real' 4G?

A data service can be called 4G when its offers you 100Mbps to 1Gbps download speeds. 100Mbps when in high mobility communication modes such as trains and buses and 1Gbps for low mobility communication such as pedestrians and stationary users. 


Instagram + Facebook = InstaBook or FaceGram...??

(Courtesy: www.execdigital.com)

Lately, Instagram, one of the immensly popular photo sharing app grabbed the attention of the users when it launched the Android version of its app , disappointing iOS users as they now had to share it with Android users, a thing which the iOS guys hate to do. Previously Instagram was available only for the iOS.

A bewildering update coming from the Silicon Valley states that the ownership of the 'Best iOS app of 2011'-Instagram is now with the Mark Zukerberg created network- Facebook for a $1billion.Mark Zukerberg called this "an important milestone for Facebook because it is the first time we've acquired a product with so many users".

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has had 30 million downloads,lesser known fact is that it has only 13 employees and its founder is a self-taught programmer...!!!!! ( Read their history at in.com ) And when its Android app was announced, it accounted 1 million downloads on the very first day...!!


61% Use The Latest iOS ...!!

The recent update to the iOS which was announced on 7th March along with the launch of the new iPad now has 61% of iDevice users running it..!!
A recent survey has concluded saying that 61% of the iOS users have updated their iPhones , iPads and iPod Touches to the new iOS 5.1, 18%are still on iOS 5 or 5.0.1, maybe because they are either jailbroken and are not in a haste to update their device until the Jailbreak for the iOS 5.1 is available or they are too lazy to do an update :D . And the rest on iOS 4 and and its versions.

Wheras, survey from the Android market says that only 1.2% of its users are running on its latest version i.e the IceCream Sandwitch ( Android 4.0.3) which was released in December 2011, 3.2% users are on Honeycomb ( Android 3.0 ) and 61.5% are on Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3). 


Siri Can Set Custom Reminders For You....!!

 Do you want your iPhone to remind you to water your flower pots every alternate day or every two days?? But when you go to Reminder app you find options such as repeat Everyday, Every week, Every week, Every month and Every year. And you realize that you cannot customize the interval of your reminder to every other day or every two days??, sad!! Isn't it..?? 

So, here is a trick for this. Siri can help you out with this. You can have reminders set and get them repeated at the time intervals you want so you can get reminded by your iPhone to fetch grocery twice a week!!