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Code: " The Next Galaxy."

(Courtesy: http://www.tgeltaayehxnx.com/)
Articles, reports, posts, tweets, statuses and releases are packed with the news for the latest Galaxy SIII. It was first rumored to be launched on 22nd May as a picture was leaked which displayed the weather widget of London.Later, an official website, http://www.tgeltaayehxnx.com/  showed a countdown to the a new launch.Recently Samsung has come out with a new concept to increase the popularity of its new launches by setting up custom webpages. 

And if you visit http://www.tgeltaayehxnx.com/ now, they welcome you with a soothing music, it will ask you to click and re-arrange the words in order to redirect to a new page. You will have to earn it by knowing the code. The code is The Next Galaxy. And if you can't they will still redirect you! Wow! what a trick to reach people and tell them the new product. Hey, Tim Cook, we hope your hearing.

After the redirect, it leads you to a page which is the real destination.  Thus Samsung does finally the release date and place of the Samsung Galaxy SIII!!! Samsung says that the new dawn of the Galaxy will be revealed in London on 3rd May at 7pm. It also has a teaser.(which looked similar to the Eros Entertainment theme to me) You can register there with your email ID.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is already avaiable for pre-order with Amazon Germany. (You may want to the 'Language Translate' there ) 

Tech Specs of the Galaxy SIII
  • 4.7-inch Super AMOLED touch-screen with 16 million colors
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip
  • 12-megapixel camera with auto focus, LED Flash and face detection
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System
  • Probable 4G Supported Phone,
  • 16 GB of internal memory, expandable to up to 32 GB
  • Full HD ( 1080p)
  • 3rd generation Super AMOLED 3D Screen,
  • Ultra Low SAR Levels,Blazing fast Speeds with Quad Core Processor,
  • Slimmest Smart Phone ever
  • Price: 599 Euros (inclusive of VAT).

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