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Instagram + Facebook = InstaBook or FaceGram...??

(Courtesy: www.execdigital.com)

Lately, Instagram, one of the immensly popular photo sharing app grabbed the attention of the users when it launched the Android version of its app , disappointing iOS users as they now had to share it with Android users, a thing which the iOS guys hate to do. Previously Instagram was available only for the iOS.

A bewildering update coming from the Silicon Valley states that the ownership of the 'Best iOS app of 2011'-Instagram is now with the Mark Zukerberg created network- Facebook for a $1billion.Mark Zukerberg called this "an important milestone for Facebook because it is the first time we've acquired a product with so many users".

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has had 30 million downloads,lesser known fact is that it has only 13 employees and its founder is a self-taught programmer...!!!!! ( Read their history at in.com ) And when its Android app was announced, it accounted 1 million downloads on the very first day...!!

'We will be working with Facebook to evolve the network', said a message at the Instagram website. With the merger of the best social network and the best photo app, we are now looking forward to have a better photo sharing experience.

Specially for those, who believe in shuttering themselves in front of the mirror with a lens, editing it with Photoshop and then uploading it on the social networks....or those who visit malls, grab a couple of dresses, march towards the trial room, take pictures, and then walk out (Yeah, some people actually do that ) for them Instagram+ Facebook will be a boon...!!

So what will they call it now, "InstaBook" or " FaceGram"..??

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