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61% Use The Latest iOS ...!!

The recent update to the iOS which was announced on 7th March along with the launch of the new iPad now has 61% of iDevice users running it..!!
A recent survey has concluded saying that 61% of the iOS users have updated their iPhones , iPads and iPod Touches to the new iOS 5.1, 18%are still on iOS 5 or 5.0.1, maybe because they are either jailbroken and are not in a haste to update their device until the Jailbreak for the iOS 5.1 is available or they are too lazy to do an update :D . And the rest on iOS 4 and and its versions.

Wheras, survey from the Android market says that only 1.2% of its users are running on its latest version i.e the IceCream Sandwitch ( Android 4.0.3) which was released in December 2011, 3.2% users are on Honeycomb ( Android 3.0 ) and 61.5% are on Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3). 

So, what does this mean?? 1.2 % of the Android users are using the latest framework which was launched 4 months ago as compared to the 61% of the iOS ,which was launched three weeks ago ( 61% was the stats till 31st March
Yeah!!! So there are more devices running on the latest version of the iOS than those with Android. 

Alright, so it  means if an app developer was to design an app, who would it be for..?? In that case, if you were a developer, for whom would you make an app for??...Ofcourse, the iOS...!! 
And..!! Android users claim to have an upper hand over the iOS guyz...!! 


  1. 62% of app developers also report having never had a girlfriend, yet 71% have the ability to make the the Spock "Live Long and Prosper" symbol with their hands.

    Finally, 81% of all parents wished that app developers would leave the house and stop living in the basement.

  2. Nice sharing.... :)

    GamyGuru (http://gamyguru.wordpress.com)

  3. Nice sharing.... :)

    GamyGuru (http://gamyguru.wordpress.com)