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PAK’s PAC Parks The PacPad!!

There was once a time in times when there were only a few companies who manufactured cars and a fewer people owned it. And there was a time when there were a handful of companies making phones(first phone in 1983) and computers(first computer in 1971) and a few financially-fit people were lucky enough to own a Long-antenna-device or to flaunt a blue-screen CRT in their homes.

It took a couple decades for the automobile and the cellular companies to multiply and today 5.6 Billion people attached to the cellular network through a hundred of network providers, and common public has an access to a computer. Today Cell phones are manufactured by Silicon-Valley-giants; Apple, Nokia and Samsung and even companies like Karbonn and Ajanta  ( names of which we must not even have heard of if there was no ‘Karbonn Kamal Catch’ in the IPL). Whereas, this is not the case of tablets. Tablets were first introduced by Apple pioneer - Steve Jobs in 2010 and unlike the auto, phone and the computer market which took decade to advance and popularize, the tablet manufacturing is going a hell-for-leather!!

Shocking News From Pakistan!

Today in 2012, not even 2 complete years after the official concept of the tablet….What we hear is an astonishing news that EVEN Pakistan is manufacturing a tablet!! And much more bewildering was that it was not being made by any Pak-based-IT company nor by the students of a university but by the militia from thePakistan Aeronautical Complex(PAC) which is a branch of the PAF.

Who is PAC..?
The PAC manufactures fighter Aircrafts, UAV’s and weapons for the Airforce of Pakistan along with refining sugar, harvesting farms, manufacturing e-books, laptops and lately the PACPAD which they ‘claim’ is a perfect blend ofChinese hardware and Pakistani software. A country which is infamous for various activities on which I don’t need to elaborate on…is making anever-gonna-be-successful attempt to give nightmares to Apple’s Tim Cook rather than strengthening it military, boosting its self-esteem and trying to regain it lost respect. The PAC believes in commercialising its products and its ideology demands ‘development in all sectors’A very popular english saying would justify it—A jack of all is, a master of none.This is what the Pakistan government must be thinking, “We can never get back at America and India on anything(not even in cricket)……….All we can do is destroy their iPad and Aakash and it would be an answer for what they did to OUR Osama and Kasab ” :D

Prioritize You Work..
But, dear PAC officals, the world would still prefer tablet which would run on the California made hardware. And no matter how beautiful your external affairs minister may be ,the Indians will never accept a Pakistani product …and that to a tablet!!!Actually, we should’nt be shocked…. if the government can shelter terrorist, why can’t its military produce tablets?

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