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Laptop? Tablet? -- Its ASUS Transformer Prime..!!

I should be apologizing to the Samsung Galaxy Note advertisers as i have borrowed and modified their tagline, "Phone? Tablet? Its Galaxy Note" for my post title . But I feel, it even fits here to the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The ASUS Transformer Prime was released lately but got gain the significance into tech headlines due to the blizzard caused by the birth The New iPad. The release date of the ASUS tablet was very close to the launch of the iPad. The new 'Transformer' really does enlarge and matures into a laptop when connected to a keyboard dock!! It boasts of a Quad-Core processor , 8.33mm thickness (I should rather say thinness) and a 8.0Megapixel back camera, it shuns the pride of the iPad in these factors. This masterpiece is one of the best Android-running tablets and functions on the Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich). 

The ASUS Transformer comes with a Quad-Core processor. It is the first tablet to boast four processor under one cover. It has the NVIDIA's new Tegra 3 chip. This Transformer is pretty thin and defeats the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 in this attribute. ASUS markets the Prime with a 178° view angle so that you can share the content with the people around you.

You can click your friends with its 8.0 Megapixel camera and 1.2 Megapixel front camera. Videos can be captured in 1080p HD video quality. Content can be viewed on the Prime through its remarkable Super IPS+ display Corning Gorilla Glass protection. Here, the Retina Display of the iPad overtakes the Prime.

The Prime has an applaudable sound quality, it is egoistic about its SonicMaster Sound, though it could not substitute the amplifier and the home theatre system but it is enough for getting people on the dance flor at your house warming party!!

Here is the main part, the USP of this product is the external available keyboard dock on which the tablet automatically rides on. The dock is slim and trendy, it also have a trackpad. This portable dock is pretty handy but you will have to let loose a couple of bucks for that.

Finally, we have the 1GB RAM and 32GB and 64GB storage options. This lovely baby is available for $499 USD and $599 USD for the 32GB and 64GB version respectively. Now, this is an advantage; as the other tablets start at $499 USD for the 16GB version.