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Nuclear Clock Takes Over The Atomic Clock..!!

If you believe that the Rolex on your wrist which you flaunt in front of your friends and in parties is accurate enough, read below.

A clock rather lets call it a machine because it does what a regular
tik-tok watch or even an atomic clock can't do.  

This clock is accurate to 0.1 second in 14billion years.!! Which is equal to the age
of the universe.!! The N-Clock is 100 more accurate the Atomic clock
which has an accuracy of 4 seconds in a lifetime of the universe and
infinitely many times accurate than the Quartz mechanism that we use.

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Researchers at University Of South Wales and Nevada have contributed
to this study. Atomic clocks are used in GPS systems and the new
N-clock would be used to study theories in which time is suppose to be
kept constant more accurately.

Atomic clocks get their energy from the electrons and thus its
accuracy is affected by magnetic and electrical interference. To
produce oscillation in a nuclear clock researchers are preparing to
use a laser to boost the Thorium 229 ion into higher energy state.
Thus making the N-clock resistant to enviornmental factors.
"If you give people a better clock, they will use it" says Alex
Kuzmich, one of the authors of the study. 

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