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Apple's Lawsuit In Simple Words!

( teleread.com)
Samsung had to pay $1.04 billion as damages the California's tech giant as damages as it has violated a few patents. 

If you have read the business dailies regularly, you would have understood the trial well! But, since the past two days, we have been received calls from friends asking us to explain them the Apple Vs Samsung lawsuit in simple language. So, today we have brought you the details of the case, its components and the affect of the justice on Samsung in simple, easy and as little words as possible.

Apple sued Samsung on:
1.Design patents and
2.Utility Patents.

1.Design patents:
Apple has claimed damages from Samsung as it has violated the following design patents

a.Trademarked application icons which have rounded corners and

(Rounded icons in iOS)
b.The endings of its iDevices which are rounded metallic bezels.

(Metallic Bezels Endings)

2. Utility patents
Samsung has also violated the following utility patents.

a. Patent 381
Samsung has used Apple Multi-touch scrolling, "bounce" (at the end of menu's) and pinch to zoom.

(Multi-touch gestures)
(Steve Jobs explaining Apple's Pinch to zoom feature)

b. Patent 915
Scrolling with swipe gestures is used while browsing website and reading ebooks.  

(Scrolling with swipe)

c. Patent 163
Tap to zoom feature is used to zoom into images. This too was copied by Samsung. 

(Tap to zoom)

Complications to Samsung:
The Galaxy SII, Galaxy Tablet 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus could all face ban in the US.

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