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Nokia With Windows 8 On September 5th.

News coming from the Eastern coast of the USA says, "Hey, iPhone 5, u gonna have a problem" as  Nokia and Microsoft have called for a joint press conference in New York on 5th September at 9.30am. No details have been revealed to the media. But it is pretty obvious that Nokia would be coming up with a Windows 8 phone. They claim the product announcements would give goosebumps to their competitors.

There are high expectations from these smartphones for both Nokia as well as Microsoft. We should expect quad-core chips, high definition cameras alongside the Windows 8 operating system. It will be a critical launch for Microsoft as well as Nokia. Nokia will be able to display its new hardware and Microsoft would be showcasing how Windows 8 works flawlessly with the latest flagship smartphones.

Stuff In Windows 8, You Should Bother About:
1) Multi Core Chipset Support

2) Internet Explorer 10

3) MicroSD Card Support

4) Native NFC and Mobile Wallet Support

5) Nokia Maps

6) Windows Phone 8 for Businesses

7) New Start Screen

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