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Microsoft Revamps 25-year-old Logo

Microsoft decides to give itself a new look and redoes its 25-year-old logo. Microsoft has used the logo for the past two-and-a-half decade in its 35-years of reign. It drops away its old, staunch and bold-faced logo for a new, subtle and clean bordered representation. but retains its originality from the 1975-1979 logo by connecting the F and the T.  

Microsoft's new, much more colorful logo on the opening of its 23rd store in Boston. Today, it will appear at the Seattle and Bellevue Microsoft stores, as well as on the microsoft.com home page. The new logo would also be seen on the Windows 8, Microsoft Office, the next Xbox and Windows Phone 8
(The New Logo)
Reason for a new logo...
The display of the new logo is perfectly timed by Microsoft, at a time when it decides to do a complete makeover of itself with new products and significanlty important updates to its original produce ranging from Windows to Windows Phone to Office.


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