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Switch Back To Google Maps In iOS 6

The most awaited update to iOS was released yesterday. The development team of iOS promised 200 added features in the update which also included the advent of a self-developed maps, Apple Maps. But sadly, it received a cold response from people all over. People are cursing Apple for doing away with the Google Maps as the new maps lack in the state of the art navigation, have awkward satellite images, missing street view function, unavailability of street and structure names. In short, Apple Maps are unable to match the standards and accuracy of Google Maps. Additionally, there is no way or setting to switch back to your favourite Google Maps. But there is a method to sneak out.

Switch Back To Google Maps
  • Open Safari, the Apple web browser
  • Go to maps.google.com
  • You would see a floating banner prompting you to install the web app for your phone
  • Select Add to Home Screen from the grid of icons that appears.
  • In the next prompt you can name the icon, or leave it as Google Maps.

(Apple Maps mocked at an underground railway station in London)

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