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Attention "Console" Freaks: The Size Zero PS3 is here..

This is to inform all “analogue-console” thumbs around town to start saving their pennies. Sony is all set to launch an all new, mind-blowing version of the PlayStation 3 console. If rumours may serve belief, this new console shall be half the weight and size of its predecessor. 
It’s going to be available in 2 versions. One shall have acquired a breathtaking 500 GB hard drive, and the other, a more conservative sibling, a 12 GB flash drive. But don’t just regret not saving that extra buck for the 500 GB drive already. The 12 GB flash drive shall avail an external hard drive attachment system. Plus, you can even save photos, videos and digital games in both Blue-rays drive availing setups.
The 500 GB one arrives on the 28th of September, whereas the 12 GB flash shall make a later debut on the 12th of October. Retail prices are what Sony has in mind. The 500 GB shall cost 299 euros (around 240 pounds), and the 12GB flash, 229 euros. Also, Sony plans on availing bundle deals in the run up to Christmas featuring titles such as FIFA 13, and Assassin’s Creed 3.

After an unearthly 66 million PlayStation 3 deals across the globe, Sony is yet again back with an unconventional idea to give its users the thrills of a lifetime, and its competitors, a run for their money!                                                                                                                                                         

Guest Post by Karan Middha

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