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Charge Your Lumia Wirelessly!

This is the technology was wanted by all but provided by none. But now Nokia has given its users freedom from struggling through their power chords and dragging it to the wall socket for charging. You can now charge your Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 wirelessly. You can do this by adding on a Wireless Charging Shell. Though the smartphones can be charged by any third-part developed wireless charging plate as the Lumia 920 has a built-in Qi-tech, the make need not be by Nokia. But the Finnish phonemaker briefly teased the Fatboy pillow and JBL's wireless charging speakers for the same. Do learn how the wireless charging works in a section below..

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate
Your Lumia can rest on a plate while it is being charged, wirelessly

JBL Wireless Charging Speakers
Listen to music and charge your phone simultaneously. The NFC enabled speakers connect to your Lumia on just one tap.

Nokia Wireless Charging Shell.

You dont need to plug in your phone to a socket. Just help the phone to put on a back cover and your done.

Nokia Wireless Charging Stand

Charge your phone while it stands erect on a stand. You can even pre-program the stand to open apps on your phone.

Fatboy's Pillow
Allow your phone to enjoy the comfort and softness of a pillow just as you do and charge it wirelessly.

How the Wireless charging works?
The wireless charging works on the principle of mutual magnetic induction. The pillow, a plate or simply a stand has an induction coil that creates an alternating electro-magnetic field with the help of the current it recieves. When the smartphone is placed onto the pillow or a stand, a similar coil in the device which converts magnetic energy back into electricity and uses that to charge the battery.

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