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Faster Internet With Google Fiber

Google Fiber is the new fiber-optic gigabit + cable connection service provided by tech giant Google. This new cable + internet service by Google comes with seemingly fast internet as well as high-definition cable for your television. Starting at $25 a month for basic internet connection at 5mbps download and 1mbps upload it also has options like Gigabit internet with a speed of 1gbps download and upload for $70 a month this service also offers other things like simultaneous recording of upto 8 programmes, a terabyte of cloud storage of 1TB with Google Drive as well as easy search options all at one place.

Google has started the process of setting up fiber in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri and the first homes expected to be connected are in September 2012. With this new technology Google aims at taking high speed internet and HD television transmission to a whole new level.

The various plans chalked out by Google.

Gigabit + TV
Gigabit Internet
Free Internet
One time $300 construction fee or $25/mo for a year
Internet Speed (Download / Upload)
1Gbit/s / 1Gbit/s
1Gbit/s / 1Gbit/s
5 Mbit/s / 1 Mbit/s
TV Access
2 TB DVR Storage (8 Simultaneous recordings possible)
1 TB Google Drive
1 TB Google Drive
Nexus 7 tablet
TV box
Network box
Storage box (DVR)
Optional Chromebook ($299)
Network box
Optional Chromebook ($299)
Network box
Optional Chromebook ($299)

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