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'Surface' Tension For iPad?

(Courtesy: Microsoft.com) 
When Abhinav Bindra, a rifle shooter won a Gold medal in Olympics, the nation was proud and overwhelmed. After which every kid in the gullies of India wanted to pick up the gun and be a shooter. Whereas previously everyone wanted to be Sachin Tendulkar. If one obtains success in a field, others try to do something similar; but it is not unnecessary that all will achieve success of the same magnitude.

Apple and Microsoft have been logger-heads after Steve Jobs's reality distortion field could not be beard by Bill Gates. Later, they collided on the hardware as well as the software front. Finally, Apple emerged as an emperor of the smartphone markets and Microsoft dominated the computers with their operating system, Windows.

In 2010, Steve Jobs proudly launched the iPad and gave birth to a new line of computer-like devices called , tablets. Just like every , all other computer makers started making their own tablets. Today tablets are  offered by Sony, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Amazon, local brands of China and not to forget the; Pacpad ( A tablet made by Pakistani military, check out the link). All the variants of the iPad have been much more successful than any other tablet.

Microsoft Surface:
This June, Micrsoft has made an attempt to join the tablet race by launching "Surface". There will be two Surface models, one running Windows 8 Pro and one running Windows RT. The RT version will have an ARM processor and the Pro will run itself on the Intel. The Pro model will be more powerful, with a higher resolution.

Touch Cover, Microsoft Surface’s Keyboard
This is the USP for Microsoft’s Surface. Similar to the the magnetic detachable cover for the iPad, this will act as a protective sheet for the Surface’s screen whenever it is being used
Touch Cover will also act as a keyboard for the Surface, which will ease of the issue of manoeuvring your fingers through the touchscreen. It’ll come available in a range of colours from black, blue, orange, white and pink.
There hasn’t been a confirmation of whether or not the tablet will come along with a Touch Cover accessory. Since it’s a large part of the tablet, it’s hard to see it being excluded from the Surface as a package.

Tech Specs At A Glance:

Windows RT
  • OS: Windows RT
  • Weight: 676 g
  • Thickness: 9.3 mm
  • Display: 10.6” ClearType HD Display
  • Battery: 31.5 W-h
  • Ports: microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Features: Office Home & Student 2013 RT, Touch Cover, Type Cover, VaporMg Case & Stand
  • Possible configurations: 32 GB, 64 GB
Windows 8 Pro
  • OS: Windows 8 Pro
  • Weight: 903 g
  • Thickness: 13.5 mm
  • Display: 10.6” ClearType Full HD Display
  • Battery: 42 W-h
  • Ports: microSDXC, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort Video, 2×2 MIMO antennae
  • Features: Touch Cover, Type Cover, Pen with Palm Block, VaporMg Case & Stand
  • Possible configurations: 64 GB, 128 GB

Surface For Your? Depends...

We believe that Einstein's theory of Relativity can be applied here. Your choice of tablet is relative and is directly proportional to your usage and necessity. If you are looking for a tablet to substitute a computer, then we are sorry, there has been no such tablet produced till now which is capable of performing arts your computer does. Well, even that depends on what do you use your PC/MAC for? For a computer programmer , the tablet cannot act as a computer but for a housewife who uses her PC only for social networking tablets outdo the computer. Surface is just like any other tablet if without the detachable keyboard. An Android would be a better deal if you are fine without the keyboard.

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