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Now, FaceTime With 3G!

Did you ever wanted to FaceTime your loved one before you fly off, but could not as FaceTime requires a WiFi connection and there is none nearby? Now, your problem could be sorted. 

A warning notification which was discovered in the iOS 5.1.1 indicates that Apple would liberate its users to use FaceTime only through a WiFi connection. By generating inferences from the warning which the iPhone gives when you turn off 3G, conclusions can be made.

A Romanian blog iDevice has dug out a hint which steers us to conclude that 3G data could be used to use Apple –to-Apple free FaceTime calls. When a user attempts to turn off 3G connectivity during an active call, the notification reads: "Disabling 3G may end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 3G?". Just like most discoveries are made, this one too was made by mistake. When the user tried to disable 3G while on a FaceTime call, the message popped and he stumbled upon this hint.
(Courtesy: iDevice)

With a hope that the next iPhone ( No, let’s not call it the iPhone 5 because, the naming of the new iPad  is an evidence that Apple is not willing to get itself tied in numbers when it comes to new releases) will feature 4G LTE ,it is apt to allow users to FaceTime using 3G or 4G data. Well, the service providers should be ready to provide and handle the additional flood of data and traffic due this new feature.

Coming back to using FaceTime with 3G, do you think that this iOS 5.1.1 error message is a confirmation of 3G FaceTime? 
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