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A New iOS and iPad Mini At WWDC 2012

(Courtesy: kevinism.com)
WWDC is a common abbreviation for Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, is a conference held by Apple to connect with developers and showcase its new products.

Last year WWDC was hosted by Steve Jobs and Apple unveiled the Mac OS X and the iOS 5 which the next generation platform and powers the iPhone , iPod Touch, iPad and Apple’s cloud service, iCloud.  

WWDC 2012 is scheduled to be held at Moscone West, San Francisco from June 11 to June 15, 2012. Even though the tickets are priced at  $1,599 they were sold out within two hours. Well, everyone is eager to go and know what will the Californian giant will produce this year. Rumors have been making rounds . So, this year, it would be the first WWDC without Steve Jobs's presence and we are expecting a new iOS , an iPad Mini and a slimmer MacBook Pro.  Read on and speculate with us in the comments below!

Thinner MacBook Pro:


Apple plans to cut down on the dimensions for its new MacBook Pro, thus making it slimmer and similar to the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini. The mission 'Make Mac Pro Slimmer' is achieved by omission of an optical drive. Just like the iPhone , iPod Touch and now the iPad, the slimmer MacBook will have Apple's Retina Display,  making it the first Mac computer to have a such a high resolution display. 

The consumers will now a better screen to look at but the developers will have to re-write and adjust certain codes in order to make it compatible with the new display. As it is said, a gain for consumers is a pain for developers.So, launching the computer in WWDC, Apple is giving away time to the geeks to pull up their socks and study the new hardware.

iPad Mini:

(Courtesy: cnet.com)

The most rumored product; the most awaited device, its finally here. A smaller version of the iPad, is rumored. It would be smaller in size but equally powerful. The iPad Mini would have a 7.85 inch display.
We really fail to understand why would Apple want to produce a smaller version when the iPad is doing exceptionally well.  And if Apple’s going to unveil an iPad mini any time this year, it’ll be at WWDC 2012. The speculations for the mini iPad are still unclear.

iOS 6...?

We cannot be sure whether Apple would call the update suffixing it with a numerical. The naming of the new iPad’s  is an evidence that Apple is not willing to get itself tied in numbers when it will come to the release of their new hardware. And its not yet confirmed that Apple would be branding it as iOS 6 or iOS 5.x The new iOS could include;

  1.  Near Field Communications (NFC), 
  2. dual app multitasking for iPads 
  3. widget support.
  4. Better Siri
  5. Apple will betray Google Maps and launch its self made 3D mapping service as the default app in iOS 6.
  6. AirDrop for iOS
  7. Automatic App Updating
  8. Face Recognition:

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